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Hey There

I I'm Melissa, Founder of Shaped by the Sea, I am a 24 year old sailor from Donaghadee, Northern Ireland. I Created this platform on the 7th of July 2023 and it's been an incredible journey since. 

All About Me

ShapedbytheSea is where I share with you what interests me most, the adventure I’ve been on and some beautiful places I’ve discovered. I hope you enjoy my site and all of the unique content I create. 
I started my journey of life on the sea at a young age, sailing with friends, rowing competitively and bobbing around on the family boat.I grew up in a small seaside town, Donaghadee, Northern Ireland, where being on the water was a

part of everyday life and has been ever since. 

Shaped by the Sea is about how this journey is going, where I’ve been and my Perspective of the super yacht Industry. 

Currently, I'm working full-time on a stunning 45m sailing yacht as a Bosun. As well as freelance writing and social media management for yachting related companies. 

The weird and wonderful of yours truly... 

  • I write to entertain. 

  • I write to relax and de stress.

  • I don't believe in living for work, I'm more of a work a bit to live a lot. 

  • Numbers and I aren't friends, I'd happily read a novel from the 16th century about growing vegetables over doing my tax turn or accounts. (But I'm getting there).

  • I believe that a good cheese board and a nice bottle of wine can fix just about anything. 

  • Cold water Swimming is bloody wonderful so good for the soul 

  • If you can't find me, follow the noise, you'll hear me singing... 



Whatsapp +44 07849235205



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