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24 Laps around the Sun; Pilot Whales, Waterfalls and cheesecake

Hello Everyone,

Sunday was my twenty fourth birthday, what a year it’s been. It’s no secret that the last year has been turbulent and difficult at times for me, that’s a part of life.

This year has also brought a lot of joy, in the form of wonderful new friends, colleagues and adventures. The highlights being;

  • Meeting my wonderful friend Madeline who has been a true rock through the last six months 🤍 I can thank you enough for being so wonderfully you.

  • Going on my first solo holiday- which brought me so much peace and tranquility.

  • My sixth Atlantic crossing, with the cookies 😉

  • Returning to Norway and experiencing all of the beautiful things it has to offer.

  • Pilot Whale appearance this morning 🥰

  • Manoeuvring Path for the first time

  • The blog growing form strength to strength

  • Focusing on having a happier and healthier life Balance 🤍

  • Taking on a new business venture which is exciting but terrifying.


My fifth birthday on the sea and wow it’s one for the memory book, this morning we woke up in this stunning anchorage.

A beautiful anchorage with a stunning green back drop
Urke, Norway

Which started with a anchor pick up which I quite enjoy, then back to the helm station for a manouvering lesson from the Captian, how to turn the yacht in its own length without the bow thruster. Pretty nice way to start the day, I’m fortunate to work with superiors who are happy to share their knowledge.

We got underway, I’m still incredibly flabbergasted everytime we move location as it’s all as beautiful as the day before or the fjord we just left to enter the next. I had such a laugh once I went down below to grab an extra layer as it’s bloody cold at 62 degrees north. I came down the crew hatch to find photos of my face everywhere accompanied with the different levels of rain in Ireland. Our first mate is pretty creative and I’m so very lucky to call him one of my closest friends as well as a great colleague!

The 11 levels of Rain in Ireland

As if that wasn’t enough excitement for the morning, back on watch for about 40 minutes, when I spot Finns breaking the mirror glass water about 300 metres ahead and 30 degrees off the port bow! Called the rest of the crew, to realise it was a pod of pilot whales, thank you nature for the most beautiful present! Unfortunately I did not capture a clear photo of the moment but the memory of majestic mammals dancing in the sea will not be something I will forget easily.


As we made way into the Geriangerfjord we saw a series of stunningly beautiful waterfalls. Which are known as the "seven sister's", the legend has it that the seven sisters were all unmarried and the waterfall on the opposite side of the fjord is known as "the Suitor" after several years of attempting to court the sisters.

They are truely spectacular to see upclose and do not look like they are real more like something from a fairy tale.

A very large a beautiful waterfall, coming off a mountain side
7 sister's Waterfall

The day ended with the most delicious cottage pie for dinner which was almost as good as my mum's and possibly the most delicious raspberry cheese cake made by out wonderful chef and fantastic friend. With a glass of bubbles we cheered to another year ending and a new one beginning, the crew did a wonderful job helping me celebrate my birthday.

A cake made of cheese with raspberries
Raspberry Cheesecake

24-The year ahead

I have very little wishes for the year ahead, health and happiness being at the forefront of everything I do for myself. Adventures and taking time for creating memories with loved ones. Going Skiing, spending Christmas with family and making time for a girls holiday.

Continuing with my journey of mindfulness, mediation and excerise, routine is hard when you're constantly on the move but I’ll endeavour to keep doing it.

I have an exciting feeling in my belly for the future of this year, I can feel the opening new doors is going to be a real change and I can’t wait to see where it goes. You'll be the first to read all about it....

Until then, keeping smiling, laughing and loving the sea xo

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What an amazing scenic place you have anchored. Looks stunning. And you certainly work with someone that has great sense of humour. Felt like Bangor had most of those rainfalls last weekend 😜🤣🤣

Gefällt mir
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