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A Croatian Dream

Updated: Aug 6, 2023


Awww Croatia, where do I start?

I had the pleasure of visiting many years ago with my family for just a few short hours to Dubrovnik. I fell in love with it instantly, the old town center of the city is just stunning. If you didn't know it had been rebuilt by UNESCO after the civil War in the 90's.

You walk around the city and it transports you to a 12th century settlement.

On return to Dubrovnik, I felt the same transportation whilst walking the streets- through the market stalls, past beautiful chapels and arch ways during my break. We spent a few nights at anchor in the bay of Dubrovnik, (very busyyyy spot with speed limit my friends🙊).

A happy sailor, in Dubrovnik sunset
Dubrovnik Sunset

Dubrovnik Harbour at Sunset

Korcula is equally as captivating with less tourists and a very unique island atmosphere.

We took a venture ashore to the stunning Bire Winery, just a 5min drive outside of the city of korcula.

They have a fantastic range of locally made wines with Croatian grapes as well as a range of Greek and French vines!

A radiant glass of rosé in a stunning winery.
Bire Winery

Bire Winery- Korcula

Anyone that knows me well knows I love a GOOD ROSÉ and this little winery produces a fantastic dry and Crisp rosé.

Korcula has some incredibly stunning little beach bars, we visited Amor Beach bar (south east corner of the island). Amazingly friendly staff and great service.

A worthwhile spot to visit is the beautiful island of Mljet with its stunning national park area (anchorage fees are EXPENSIVE) although a visit ashore is a must. Great area for cycling (there are places ashore to rent bikes/ e-bikes or bring your own).

I've really been amazed by the weather conditions in Croatia, good consistent breeze when it fills in, generally in the afternoon 10-15 perfect sailing conditions for a gentle after lunch cruise.

I'm not sure l can fit all of Croatia in just one post so I'll continue with a follow up post soon... a Croatian dream part two.

As always keep smiling, laughing and loving the Sea.🤍🌊

Shaped by the Sea xo

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