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A Day in the Life…

Updated: Aug 6, 2023


It's me again, I thought the best way to kick start this blog (OMG I HAVE A BLOG) is to give you an idea of what " a day in the life" of me looks like.

The truth is... it's never the same, there are many variables; guests onboard, season, weather, location and activities.

For me, the best days are 15-20 knots, calm seas, blue skies "Champagne sailing" conditions, followed by dropping the hook in a stunning anchorage for a big old rinse down (Salty Mc Salty-removal mission). Followed by cooling off with a evening swim and a stunning sunset something like...

sunset after work
Sunset after work

Location: Otak Lastovsko, Croatia

NO day is ever the same, that's why I LOVE IT!

Some yachts have a different anchorage for each meal of the day. Some yachts stay in the same place and never move. Some yachts choose an extensive cruising area and move around at their pleasure and discover all there is to see.

In yachting there are two main seasons; Mediterranean and Carribean , "the Med" season runs from early June to the end of September and the carribean season "across the pond" runs December to end of April.

Between these seasons is a crucial time for crew called a "yard period ", this time is used for servicing, updating systems, sail maintenance and everything that goes with it.

This time is great for crew; lots of time to learn, develop, grow, and have some well deserved time off after busy seasons.

Keep smiling, laughing and loving the Sea.🤍🌊

Shaped by the Sea xo

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