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Croatian Dream PT-2

Updated: Aug 6, 2023


Here we go Croatian dream part 2 and what an incredible place to tell you all about.

I had a misconception of the city of Spilt, but once explored it is truly beautiful.

In my few hours off on a sunny afternoon, I took a wander around the old town. The archaic building and narrows streets really enhanced the feeling of being in a place steaped in history.

I stopped for lunch and a Bevveraggeeeee as its "bloody hot" . A little sparkling water and some of Croatia's famous dish of cevapcici which are little square sausages of absolute goodness!

I wondered around some more, mesmerised by the variety of stunning handmade jewerly in local shops and markets of course. I picked up a few pieces to add to my collection (yes friends: I have a Jewerly, mainly earring obsession). Wondering through the old town of Split you're bound to stumble upon the main square with a quaint set of stairs that takes you into the underground local goods market. Croatia is a country of art, textiles, food and diversity. It's a pleasure to explore it in a way that allows seeing a lot of it in a small time frame.

The docking arrangements for yachts in spilt are great, good dock height for high topsides, side to and stern to docking are available as well as electricity and fresh water connection. Moreover, you're right in the center of town with a supermarket close by, so its great for picking up the (extra supplies for the "guests") as well as a local fresh produce market lesss than a 10 minute walk away.

During our time in Split my birthday rolled around for another year, 23 ( feels like 43 after a few years in yachting). Having a June birthday almost always means working, which can actually be pretty fun.

I've been lucky over the years to work with some awesome people on pretty incredible yachts. (Hopefully some of you legends are reading this 🤞)go check out @athosyachts and @sykaribu for some pretty awesome content. This year the guys really made me smile all day, a stunning bunch of flowers delivered in the morning to the boat, a yummy breakfast, POTATOES for lunch and a second set of flowers becuase "one just isn't enough". One very embarrassed Melissa, a chocolate brownie cake and a lot of happy birthday singing later, I had a wonderful day surrounded by great people🤍

Shaped by the sea birthday onboard
my birthday onboard


Croatia is the dream location for island hoping on a yacht, an absolute must visit is Korinat national park,  an incredibly peaceful anchorage and very deep. (empty all that chain bin out ladies) The holding is ok but not the best we've experienced in Croatian waters. For smaller yachts with swallower draft there are a variety of anchorages and mooring bouys. We dropped the hook in "Uvala statival bay" and no I cannot pronounance that my friends.

The Korinat islands are not heavily populated, we found a beautiful local family run restaurant, on the shore not far from our anchorage. So after a hard days work, some of the crew went ashore to explore the land, stretch the legs and test the local produce. We sat looking out at the sunset listening to the all consuming buzz of the crickets and the occasional frog, taking in the peacful aroma. The Croatian hospitality is outstanding, very welcoming and accompanied with a very cute fluffy dog .

Once the sun had set the moonrise was something to behold, the picture doesn't do it justice.

a view over the sea, korinate national park
korinate national park

Koranti National Park

Rovinj is a quaint town in northern Croatia which is truly a site to be seen! Geographically, pre 1945, it was part of Italy making the architecture a true mix of Italian culture meets Croatian living. Before visiting i knew nothing about Rovinj or what to expect. It's a very small city with many tall archaic buildings built around the church at the highest point. The harbour is small, but enough space to get a 145ft sail yacht along the harbour wall, with less than half a meter of tide its an ideal dock especially if your vessel has tall topsides.

We took a wander around the narrow streets of Rovinj and, of course, I was a magpie on the hunt for shiny things to add to my collection. The streets are lined with beautiful art shops, handcrafted jewellery, boutique's and cafes along the waters edge. I'd love to return and explore more of what Rovinj has to offer.

a view into Rovinj

Rovinj- A peak inside

As my time in Croatia came to end I discovered that it is a country I'd love to return to, perhaps a road trip or by sail again. Although one thing I must warn my fellow sailors about "ask for a double and not a single if you want a G&T not a T&G " a Croatian measure is smaller than most others.

For now it's onto the next adventure and what I think is one of the most beautiful places to go to ... (DRUMROOLLLLLL PLEASE ) the famously stunning city of VENICE.

As always keep smiling, laughing and loving the Sea 🤍🌊

Shaped by the Sea xo

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Tanna Zoutendyk
Tanna Zoutendyk
Jul 12, 2023

I just transferred a yacht from Greece to Croatia and yesterday was my first walk in Split. To my surprise I fell in love with the old city very quickly with the narrow streets and history behind the busy front. I can’t wait to explore more of this beautiful country over the next couple weeks!


Rach Cools
Rach Cools
Jul 11, 2023

I was In Croatia when inter railing, in 2004! We started in Rijeka and got an overnight ferry, We were meant to get off at Split but a little too much local wine meant we missed that and got off at Hvar Island we’re we spent the week and did a day trip to Bol! Such stunning sea, so clear and calm! Such a beautiful country and the fresh, local vegetables we are where just amazing and this is where I first started my love thing with Courgettes!! Venice we just did in one day, a fabulous city as well!! Keep safe and keep enjoying! Loving the blog too so keep this up please!! Xx

Melissa  Ramm
Melissa Ramm
Jul 11, 2023
Replying to

Thank you, and yes I will continue with my blog. I’m loving it xx


Melissa  Ramm
Melissa Ramm
Jul 11, 2023

Thank you Alastair!


Looking forward to hearing about Venice. Happy belated birthday !

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