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Getting to Know Shaped by the Sea : A Fresh Introduction

Dearest reader...

It's been quite sometime since I've had a chance to sit in-front of my laptop and write. For those that are new here, I'm Melissa Sarah Ramm, Northern Irish born and bred navigating this scary thing that is life.

For those that don't know me, a little recap on SBTS.

First and formost, I'm a thalassophile, this means a person who loves the sea and feels connected to the ocean. From a young age I was privileged enough to experience how wonderful and fearful the sea can be thanks to my incredible parents and most regular readers of the blog, thanks Mum and Dad.

From rowing to kayaking, paddle boarding and sailing i've always been on the water from a was about this small...

A girl Wearing a orange life Jacket
First Catch in my Lobster Pot- Aged 10

As I grew up, there were many things I was passionate about, fishing for lobsters, learning new things, boating with my family. writing (although very dyslexic), rowing and going to Sea Cadets. Yes. I was one of those kids and I loved every second of it.

In a way the little girl you see in the photo above is still exactly me.

A Dreamer.

I see the goodness in people and what life has to offer. I chase big dreams... naturally the idea of travelling the world on a yacht and seeing unique places whilst sailing, well that was my biggest dream.

Secondly, If you know me you'll be reading this in my lyrical northern irish accent and hearing my laugh in your mind. I'm a person that is passionate and determined about just about anything I decide to put my time into;

  • Sailing/Yachting

  • Writing

  • Social media content creation

I give more than one hundred per cent into growing and learning more in that field. I used to only focus on one thing, Sailing/ yachting. In the last year I realised this can be completely unhealthy if you allow it to be, we as humans aren't designed to put our everything into one thing, we must also fill our lives with other things. For me now that looks like allowing myself to spend time with on myself, wellbeing, fitness and overall Health. Prioritising relationships with family, friends, significant others has become so much more important to me in the last year, what is a life of adventure if you have no one to share it with.

Five years into my yachting career I felt that the job wasn't enough, I needed something outside of work, so I began to write again, in a totally different way from years gone by where I wrote short stories, poems, thoughts and feelings. Writing was about the here and now, what I was experiencing, feeling, thinking and seeing, Ultimately it was about yachting as my whole life was Yachting. In the short time of a year my writing has adapted to be less about the beautiful places I visit and more about what I expeirenced onboard, hot topics that the yachting industry is becoming more open to discussing such as mental health onboard. This is where I found purpose and satisfaction outside of work, writing on topics that matter. This lit a fire in my self confidence to be able to share more of my story.

If you are a regular reader of this blog you'll know that I don't shy away from the ugly truth's of life or this industry, at the beginning of this year I had an injury due to a pretty silly irresponsible accident outside of work, I made a choice not to let this define me but use to it fuel a change in my lifestyle. I began to think about my health more in-depth, to prioritise time for breath-work, exercise and mindfulness. This has truly changed my outlook on how I see myself, looking in the mirror and seeing a strong, intelligent and resilient woman with a plan.

A girl pulling a sillyface

The weird and wonderful of yours truly...

  • I write to entertain.

  • I write to relax and de stress.

  • I don't believe in living for work, I'm more of a work a bit to live a lot.

  • Numbers and I aren't friends, I'd happily read a novel from the 16th century about growing vegetables over doing my tax turn or accounts. (But I'm getting there).

  • I believe that a good cheese board and a nice bottle of wine can fix just about anything.

  • Cold water Swimming is bloody wonderful so good for the soul

  • If you can't find me, follow the noise, you'll hear me singing...

Over the next few months I plan appear more on my socials with live updates, blog announcements and more interaction with you guys. I have some really exciting projects in the pipeline that I'm very excited to share with you.

As we approach one whole year of Shaped by the Sea I want to say thank you, to everyone who has read from the beginning, who reach out with feedback. If this is your first blog you read, go and follow us on instagram, Threads and Facebook in the link below, subscribe to the website for Email updates on what's happening at SBTS.

As always, keep smiling, laughing and loving the Sea xo


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