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How to get Started in Yachting Part 3-Palma

Updated: Aug 6, 2023


Before I dive straight into Part 3 , if you haven't read part 1 &2 check them out first! Enjoy☺️

Now that you’ve got your qualifications, written your CV and gotten in touch with some of the industries best recruitment agents… it’s time to get yourself in the right LOCATION.   


When I started out I was focused on finding a job on a Sailing Yacht so I based myself in Palma, which for me worked well. Depending on where you’re flying from Palma is relatively easy to get to. The best time to look for your first job in Palma is before the med season starts, I recommend getting there early April. Yachts are coming out of the yard in this time and getting ready for the season.

Palma Mallorca in Summer
Palma Summer's

Palma- Paseo close to La Llonja


In recent years the price of accommodation has gone up but there are still some real gem’s in Palma; check out the lovely team at Volta Dos for fabulous accommodation, room and a shared kitchen/bathroom with a spacious open air terrace. This unique spot in Palma old town offers a great place to connect with other Yachtie’s and travels.


Finding work

A few of the crew agents mentioned in my previous post are based in Palma, check in with them! Call by the office, schedule a coffee meet up, meet them for a drink, anything would work. A crew agent is more likely to place a new crew member they’ve meet and have a personal character judgement of. If you haven’t already, join “Palma yacht crew” on facebook!

Dock Walking

The main shipyard “STP”  in Palma is not open to dock walking, I would not recommend trying.  Although there are a few marina’s you can gain access to;

·       Port de Mallorca

·       Pantalan marina

·       Marina Palma Cuarantena

·       Club de Mar Marina

The above are all gated marinas but when the gate opens during a busy day follow a car in, go hand out a few CV’s and give the security a big smile on your way back out again!

Yacht crew are very busy in their day so, the best time to get them is first thing putting the flag up 08:00 or close to coffee break 10:00-10:30. Most crew are happy to interact and talk to “greenies” if they look super busy pop your cv under the dock Mat or shoe box and move on, come back again on your way out and catch someone’s attention.


Moreover, there are a few marinas out of Palma city, Port Adraino and Porto Portals, there are buses from Palma old town towards these locations about 30/40minutes  to port Adraino and about 20/30 minutes or Portals. These are great locations to go and check out.



Sometimes the best way to meet new people especially yacht crew is by visiting the local pub, I would recommend heading to Ventura Harbour Bar for a game of pool and meeting some local Yachtie’s or heading to the local Irish pub/ yachtie hangout Hogan’s Irish Bar You'll find some of them industries best hanging out at Café la lonja which is one of my personal favourites fantastic service and great food.


Café la Llonja square
La Llonja Square

Palma-La Llonja in Spring

The island of Mallorca is a stunning place to visit for anyone and everyone, Someone looking for their first job in yachting or as a holiday destination. Personally I believe Mallorca is best to see in April or after the season in September/October as it isn't too hot or full of tourists. For most yachtie's Mallorca is a home away from home that offers everything from climbing to free driving!


Thank you to everyone reading and supporting my blog so far,I hope the yachting related blogs are helping some people who are in the industry or people just getting started out. If you haven't subscribed already, you can by filling in the subscriber form online!

As always keep smiling, laughing and loving the sea 🤍🌊



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That’s a great read and nothing has changed when looking for a job. Just keep knocking doors and building your contacts. I remember over 40 years ago when on Interrail with a friend we stopped off in Monaco and were told to try and walk the harbour asking for jobs on the yachts.

Melissa  Ramm
Melissa Ramm
Aug 04, 2023
Replying to

Thanks Alastair, glad your enjoying the blogs so far!

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