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How to get started In Yachting PT-2 A yachting CV

Updated: Aug 13, 2023

Hello Again!

Lets pick up where I left off, you've gotten all of the qualifications you need to get your first job. Now, how do I get my first Job?

Create A Yachting CV…

The first place to start is to build yourself a yachting based CV; this isn't too different from the conventional CV. The Key things you must include are;

  1. A headshot profile photo, from the shoulder up with no accessories (take the OAKLEYS off)

  2. Your Location (if you're in Bali and the boat needs someone tomorrow in Cannes they won't consider you for the job.)

  3. Nationality and Date of Birth (some yacht owners are very specific about which Countries they hire crew from.)

  4. Passport/Visa's (Having an Eu passport enables you to work inside Europe without restriction).

  5. Health (ENG1/Vaccination's; this is also where I state that I do not have any tattoos).

Then add more information; start with a profile about yourself, your ambition in yachting. Your Profile is your first introduction to the Captain/management company of a yacht, therefore you want to tell them who you are and what your ambition for yachting is.

Then the following;

  1. Maritime Experience- Any previous yachting experience that is revelant to the position you are next looking for.

  2. Qualifications- Yachting based, as well as, outside of yachting that are relevant to your position.

  3. Education- If you hold a degree/ Alevels.

  4. Previous Employment- show your previous employements before yachting to highlight longevity in a working environment.

  5. References- People often get this wrong, name, position of referee (e.g. Jim Jones, Captain, email and Phone Number. Double check the email address!)

  6. Hobbies and Interests- The part of your CV that makes you stand out from everyone else are your Interests and Hobbies. Tell the Captain reading your CV why they should hire you. Are you a kite-surfer, Yoga instructor, ex gymnast, artist, drone pilot, photographer or even a blog writer? These are the added extra's you bring to a crew that make you stand out from the 50 CVs.

  7. Layout- keep it short and sweet. It doesn't need to be a work of art but it must be clear and consise.

A female sailor with a sextant
Mid Atlantic Crossing

Get your CV out there!

The best way to do this is to sign up to Yacht Recruitment Agents , there are some great companies out there who are willing to help new crew breaking out into the industry. These are professional recruiters that are incredibly busy and have a lot of clients and many crew to place. They can be tough, so don't be surprised if they don't reply to your email because you spelt their name wrong or your own (You laugh but it happens).

When siging up to these recruitment agents, make sure you start as you mean to go on with a good attention to detail. This can be anything from naming documents correctly or uploading the correct files to the correct folder.

I've been very fortunate to have built good working relationships with multiple agents over the last few years. The Agents I have worked with tend to place crew on Sailing Yachts predominantly but do place crew on Motor Yachts as well.

The following agents are recruiters I have worked with and highly recommend. Their are larger companies like Yotspot that are useful also, although it's not the same as speaking directly to an agent for me.

MEL'S Top Recruitment Agents

The above are in no particular order 😉 They are all fantastic agents that are great to work with- some of them are more geared towards sailing yachts and others do a mix of both.

Part-3 of this series will be coming very soon; this will discuss the Yachting hotspots, places to stay, dock walking and everything in between.

Thank you to everyone reading and supporting my blog so far, if you haven't subscribed already, Do It!

As always keep smiling, laughing and loving the sea 🤍🌊

Shaped by the Sea xo

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