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Life on Deck: A Glimpse at a Typical Day Working on a Yacht

Happy Monday Lovelies,

Today's Blog is a short and Sweet Overview of my Working day...




Roll out of bed, and check if the bathroom is free (Yachties you know the drill).


COFFEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. From the ever-emotionally unstable Miele Machine which is nearly always rinsing at 07:30 AM.


Morning Meeting. All crew discuss big jobs of the week, cross-department Jobs, contractors, and crew movements.


Get Stuck in. Whatever the job is... get the tools and get into the job.

Today's Job was to run a new cable from inside the boat up through the headliners and into the helm station. (More tricky than it sounds).

Jobs like this are when working in a team is super important because "you cannot be in two places at once" ( squeezy cheeky Northern Irish Accent).




FOOD. The best part of every day, is food from our incredibly talented Italian chef who's wonderful personality is always reflected in the delicious food.


CoFFFEEEEEEEEE . Food baby growing. Time to get back to it.

1300 Onwards...

Fixing things, trying not to break anything whilst fixing things.


The contractors you were expecting to arrive at 08:30 arrive. (You all know the classic). Fit something. Stand looking at it decide it needs more work, and take it apart again. Contractors Leave.


"Where did the last hour and a half go?" I think to myself... 3 Contractors, 3 separate jobs to discuss, not a lot of English spoken by them or Italian spoken by me.

On to the tidy-up mission, Leaving all workspaces tidy and ready for the next day is an absolute MUST!

Sometime After 17:00...

Finish up for the day, log the day's jobs completed, and tick off the work list, we use the Trello App for our work lists, A super easy and effective way to keep on top of Jobs.


Depending on the day time for a walk, catch up with friends, dinner or some Yoga. We all need a little Zen in our lives.

Another day is done and time to think about studying, writing a blog or just chilling out.

I hope you've enjoyed today's Blog post, life gets on top of us all sometimes and finding time to write can be hard.

I absolutely love writing these blogs and love that people keep reaching out to tell me that they are enjoying them.

Have a wonderful week Lovelies and be expecting a new post next Monday, Until then keep smiling, laughing and loving the Sea. xo

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Keep writing your blogs - I enjoy hearing your adventures

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