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One Year of Shaped by the Sea

One Year, I can hardly believe it.

I don't think I'll ever forget the feeling of how terrified I was to hit the publish button after I'd spent two hours to put the basic web design together. When it came sharing it on social media, as my instagram was already Shaped by the Sea it flowed nicely to name the blog the same and the following was substantial, which made getting people to read the first blog wasn't too difficult. Sharing the first blog post to my socials was very scary. Thankfully my wonderful friends and family were excited to see what I had to write about, so at least it got a few views.

What started as a honest way of de-stressing after a busy day on season has grown into a platform to discuss the hottest and occasionally most turbulent topics that the super yacht industry faces.

The first few blogs , where destination focused, day to day life of yacht crew and my outlook on yachting, until I found my voice...

a Logo with the celebration of one year of shaped by the sea!

Finding my Voice

I wrote the four part series of "How to get started in Yachting" which was really fun to write as it brought me back to my early days in the industry of how exciting but difficult starting in the industry can be.

This was the turning point for the blog. After these blogs the readership changed, a lot more yacht crew began to read (Thank you!!!) and engage with the blog. These blogs set a fire in my belly of what myself and other yacht crew really care about, if the industry is talking about it or sweeping it under the carpet. I was cautious of being too honest, so I tired to write from a neutral perspective in the hope that my readers would form their own opinions on each topic.

In my eyes my writing went from strength to strength from this point as I was thinking and questioning each topic from my own perspective but also from those around me, my crew, who deserve a medal for putting up with my questions and discussions in the crew-mess for the last year. They get the first of my thank you's for being so unbelievably supportive, reading the blogs, questioning my viewpoints and encouraging me to keep writing when at times I didn't want to.

I thrived from reading the responses to the blog topic's on social platforms especially LinkedIn... who knew it could be so interesting!

What Writing Truly means to me

One the page is a place where I can truly be myself, it's like floating on your back in the ocean on a calm day. No one to bother, judge or scare you. This is why I write for that freeing feeling, writing the blog helped me move past a very traumatic experience, in writing this blog

The response to this blog moved me, made me feel like I wasn't the only person who had experienced this kind of trauma, so many people reached out and shared their stories this encouraged to keep writing. Moreover, the blog massively rebooted my self confidence, to be in every post more unapologetically me, which I love.

I am so proud of myself that I continued writing over the last year. Their where certainly moments that I thought, nobody wants to read this, it's not engaging my dream audience... but I did not stop writing instead I used the self doubt as fuel to write more relatable blog's. The second of thank you's go to my family, who read every single blog, who pre-read the ones I'm nervous to post and who tell me I'm great when I really need to hear it (Even when its not so great hehe).

The Future of Shaped by the Sea

I couldn't be more excited for what is to come in the year ahead, More crew interviews, focusing on topic's no one wants to talk about.... (Salary growth across the industry) sshhh don't mention the money.

I have a big dream for the future of Shaped by the Sea, a part of it is already happening in the form of doing freelance social media management for yachting related companies, head to @ahoycrewagency on instagram, LinkedIn, Threads and Facebook and give them a follow to see what I'm doing there. It's something I find really enjoyable and it has given me alot of faith in my abilities to grow SBTS into something much bigger than a blog written when I'm half asleep on trip as it did in the beginning. My Third thank you goes to the team at Ahoy crew agency for trusting in me and seeing my talent, it means a lot and I really enjoying working in the Ahoy Team.

My Fourth thank you goes my love, for being a loyal reader of the blog long before we started dating, for supporting, encouraging and never letting me give up on myself, you are wonderful.

There are a few projects in the Pipeline that aren't just ready to share just yet but watch this space, year two of Shaped by the Sea is Shaping up (see what I did their;) to be a great one.

My Fifth and final thanks you's go to the following wonderful poeple, the team at the Truth Wellness who I love working with and cannot wait to see where their future goes. To Emma baggett at the OM for being a fantastic support in my life for the last six years you are amazing and of course the lovely Michelle from sisterhood by Michelle who I've just started working with but I couldn't be more excited about the adventure!

How to support the Blog

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  4. Get in touch, Drop me a message, Email or carrier pigeon ;)

I cannot thank the current readers of the blog enough for their continued support. To the new readers I'm so glad you are here and I cannot wait for you to discover SBTS.

As always, keep smiling, laughing and loving the Sea xo

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