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Sorrento In the Sun

Updated: Aug 6, 2023


What to do on your day off??? A question I ask myself regularly. If you're on the Amalfi coast line then SORRENTO is a must visit.

We took the train from Castellamare de stabia-marina stabia a popular drop off and pick up for yachts, right in the center of the bay of Napoli. The perfect location for starting cruising close to Capri, Amalfi, Positano; the yachting hotspots for the everybodies and the somebodies.The train cost 2:50 euros one way and was about 30 minutes. (Very crowded but doing doable-highly recommend the earlier train).

We started the day with a delicious breakfast at the beautiful which is a fantastic spot with a great menu and fabulous service. The Torta Caprese al limone is simply perfection and of course the best way to start the day is with Cake!!

 delicious lemon cake in the centre of Sorrento
D'Anton- Torta caprese al limone

Sorrento is a busy tourist location, but as you venture into town it's not so bad. There are so many BEUATIFUL BOUTIQUES so ladies if its the end of a long trip treat yourself.

So of course I did.

As my dear readers know I'm tempted to a nice pair of shoes and sorrento did not disappoint.

I haven't been able to walk past any shop window without giving every pair of shoes the look of love.

yes of course I bought a pair!!

Only ONE. So that's ok, from the stunning Cagisa Shop in the center of Sorrento town.

Ca Gi Sa Sandals sorrento
Ca Gi Sa Sandals sorrento

Ca Gi Sa Sandals sorrento

Wondering the streets of Sorrento is lined with fresh produce, lemons of course and home-made limoncello. The lovely people at Sapori & Colori Sorrento who make local limoncello with locally grown lemons, bottled in Amalfi ceramic pottery. They produce a perfectly balanced limoncello not to sweet or to bitter.

Sapori & Colori Sorrento
Sapori & Colori Sorrento

I've fallen in love with the Amalfi coast all over again. The sounds, tastes and beauty of this region are like non other, the south of Italy really is completely different to the rest of this beautiful country and a paradise of sorts.

The amalfi coast has everything to offer a travelling sailor, the sea, great seafood, culture and so much more.

Mels Must Do's in Sorrento;

  1. Breakfast at D'Anton

  2. Shopping at Vanity Sorrento

  3. Limoncello Spritz by the Sea @molo 52

  4. Shoes from the Amazing @cagisandals

This incredibly beautiful town is captivating as you walk along it's streets hidden churches with art exhibitions from the talented raffele celentano. That we just happened to stumble upon. See his website below to see the stunning photography of a talented eye.

Art Exhibition Sorrento
Art Exhibition Sorrento

I recommend coming to sorrento for longer that just a day as I feel that I've only had a small taste of what this stunning location has to offer. To see its full potentially I would recommend 4-5 days to explore everything it has to offer.

There are so many more yachting based posts coming in the next few days but I got so excited about sharing my time in Sorrento I wanted to get this out to you all. Please let me know if you enjoy the travel content as well as yachting.

As always keep smiling, laughing and loving the sea 🤍🌊

Shaped by the Sea xo

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The Italian Amalfi coast is stunning. Thanks for taking me back there. And yes love to hear more travel adventures as well as your boat life. Keep it going !

Melissa  Ramm
Melissa Ramm
Jul 16, 2023
Replying to

So glad you liked the blog, thank you for the feed back 💛

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