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Yachting... For a Long Time or a Good Time

Updated: Oct 10, 2023

Hello Everyone,

Hope everyone's Monday is a little smoother than my 5 trains this morning from Cornwall to Warsash for my STCW refresher. I'm at the beginning of a few weeks of work and whilst sitting on the train this morning I wondered how many people join yachting and never renew their STCW?

The best way to ask is to find out from the readers of the blog....

How long have you been in Yachting/Plan to be in Yachting?

  • Less than 3 year's

  • 5 Years

  • 5-8 Years

  • 10 years

I joined Yachting with the intention of building a career. Although it has not all been plain sailing, there's a point every yachting gets to; the time to take a few months off. Luckily I did this last year and came back to find the great job I'm in now.

Not everyone is that lucky, some people spend a few years yachting and decide to go back shore-based for a whole host of reasons, some of the following:

  • Pursuit of starting their own business

  • Further Education

  • Building a family

  • Pursuit of a more "Normal lifestyle"

  • Return to the Career they Had prior to Yachting

Love what you do, you'll never work a day in your life!

Growing up my family instilled the idea of doing a job that you love so that even on the worst of days it doesn't feel like really hard work, that is why I keep doing my job, this isn't the case for all yacht crew.

Longevity in the yachting industry has been an issue for some time now. I know it's a little ironic a 23 year old bosun writing about longevity who has only been in the industry for 5 years but in reality that is longer than most Junior crew stick in the industry, I ask myself why?

Are we as an industry starting to see the effects of how the industry is portrayed in the media: TikTok, Instagram, below deck?

I scroll down my Instagram feed and often see videos on how to make money quickly in Yachting... which makes me think is it for a long time or a good time. Quite often I read down my Feed on other socials like LinkedIn and see that recruiters are struggling to find experienced and skilled crew...

let me know what you think, like, comment or subscribe to the blog, and comment on my social platforms with your opinions on this topic.

As always keep laughing, smiling and loving the sea xo

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