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Yard Work Work Work Work Work....

Hello Everyone,

It's been a few weeks since I've posted SORRY. Since coming back to work from a very relaxing and pleasant time off in the UK, We've been busy onboard the good ship working through the winter yard work list.

What do yacht crew do off Season?

This is a frequently asked question on Instagram or when talking to friends and family outside of yachting;

What People Expect the answer to be;

  • We Don't work, we just leave the boat until the season starts again.

  • We go out every night and Party Hard

  • Go on long holidays and stay in 5* Hotels.

The reality...

  • We do Take time off but it's not what you imagine.

  • We work all through the winter to do repairs, upgrades, and servicing of all equipment onboard.

  • Often this time is for deliveries- moving the boat from one yachting hub to another.

  • Yes, crew have more downtime but in ways more hands-on jobs are done in the off time than when on season.

A girl Operating A Winch

Yard Periods can be anything from general yacht maintenance to putting down a new teak deck or re-spraying the paintwork on the hull.

For any crew member, this is a great time to level up and learn from your superiors. If you've never serviced a winch before, done a solo generator service, or had to inventorise all of the interior storage. This is the time to Learn, Grow and Develop.

Mel's Top Tips for Yard Work
  • Prioritise that Work List (Owners wishes at the TOP)

  • Healthy working environment, for all of those dirty jobs, use the correct PPE.

  • Don't start big jobs on a Friday ;)

  • Make sure you have some downtime, crew burnout is real, take weekends or schedule leave when you can around the boat schedule.

Keeping this one short and sweet, there are plenty more blogs coming up in the very near future.

As always, keep smiling, Laughing and loving the sea xo

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Great to see your still working hard.

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