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Saint Tropez Sail GP...

Happy Monday

Well, what a week it's been since I came back to work, it's been non-stop and a lot of fun.

It's not often that I struggle for words but WOW. Sail GP in Saint Tropez has been one of the real WOW yachting moments. We began the event with a tour of the shoreside tech base, by the talented Nic Douglas (@SailorGirlHq). Which included watching the mast stepping and launch of the F-50s up close which was pretty cool. (Anyone that knows me, will understand when I say I was overly excited). The extent of the set-up they have is incredible, and logistically complex. 10 teams to set up, race, pack down and then transport to the next event is a hell of a mission.


We arrived at the stunning Golf de Saint Tropez on the afternoon before the training day which meant we could get up close to the F-50s with the tender to have a good look around as they practised before the beginning of the weekend.

It was an action-packed weekend of racing with the USA having the first capsize of the event, a collision (Love tap) between Canada and Spain and a devastating de-masting for Team Nz.

Of course, the highlight of the weekend was the Win for Team Emirates GBR for the first time since Season 1 of the Sail GP. Unfortunately, we missed seeing this on the water due to our schedule at the moment but always awesome to see the Brits @emiratesgbrsailgp do well.

Saint-Tropez, if you haven't been it's a must-visit. I hadn't been back in quite a few years.

Mel's Saint Tropez must Do's:
  1. Have a drink on the Balcony of the Sube Hotel (Expect Expensive)

  2. Take a walk up to the La Citadelle-de-Saint Tropez (Banging views)

  3. Visit during a regatta preferably Les Voile classic week or a Sail Gp Event

  4. Call into Kelly's Pub for a good Pint and a fantastic view of the Harbour

  5. Check out Club 55 for a Rosé Lunch (Also expensive but stunning location)

Sailing, Superyachts and Sunsets

I've followed the sail GP for a few years now, If you are new to yachting/ sailing it's an interesting sector of sailing to follow to keep up with the newest technologies, develop your understanding and see what the pros are up to.

Thanks again to all of you lovely readers who continue to enjoy my weekly posts. If you haven't already subscribe to receive regular updates of Shapedbythesea.

As always keep smiling, laughing and loving the Sea. xo

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