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Smooth Sailing: 10 Must-Have Songs for Your Atlantic Crossing Playlist

Hey Everyone,

It's that time of the year again, no, not Christmas, I mean it's Atlantic crossing time. There is something completely magical about being at sea on night watch with a beautiful star-filled sky, breeze abaft the beam and a cracking playlist, making for some smooth sailing.

I'm a sucker for the golden oldie tunes, from growing up in a family with impeccable music taste to working with incredible people who have shared their love for music, most of my playlists include music that was written before my existence.

Mel's 10 Must-Have Songs;

  1. Dreams- Fleetwood Mac Remaster 2004

  2. Have you ever seen the Rain- Creedence Clearwater Revival

  3. Disco Yes- Tom Misch, Poppy Ajundha

  4. Let's Do it Again- J Boog

  5. Walking on the Waves- Skipinnish

  6. Ophelia- The Lumineers

  7. Fly me to the moon Frank Sinatra

  8. More than a Woman SG's Paradise Edition- Bee Gee's, SG Lewis

  9. You Are the Best Thing- Sophie Faith

  10. Bennie and the Jets- Elton John

Picking 10 songs from all of my playlists was a challenge, Music speaks to each person in a very different way. Personally, music is something that lifts me, and makes me happy, if I'm doing bilge yoga and still singing it's a good day.

Jump on the Link below to take you to my Spotify Playlist;

Give the songs a listen, like, comment or Go to Instagram to let me know what you think of my 10 Must-have songs.

I cannot wait to be back at sea again in less than a few weeks, It's the bit I love the most about my Job, watch Schedule, Sail changes, delicious midnight snacks and if you are really lucky, beautiful wildlife, Dolphins and whales.

As Always keep smiling Laughing and loving the Sea xo

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2 comentarios

Right that’s your playlist ready for a listen on my Spotify. Not going to sound the same on a dreary winters days here in Belfast though 😜🤣. Enjoy your crossing.

Me gusta
Melissa  Ramm
Melissa Ramm
12 dic 2023
Contestando a

Thanks allister!!

Me gusta
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